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Embrace Equity

#EmbraceEquity: Promise

March 10, 2023
March 10, 2023
1 min read
Senior Product Manager

Editor's note:

Getting into tech was never part of my plan. I graduated from the university with a degree in medical physiology and started a medical career working as a pharmacy sales rep earning NGN10,000 a month.

Even though I thought I was ready to embark on my medical career journey, something changed. I transitioned into Product Management and have since grown into the role. Making this career move is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. So, for the woman looking to enter the product management space or looking to make a career change, here are my top tips for you: 

As a woman working in Kora, It has been an amazing experience. I have never felt out of place for one day, and I have an amazing team lead who is also a woman. 

Living in Nigeria as a young woman, I am in my peace of mind era! I actively remove myself from any situation that distorts my well-being, especially my mental and emotional well-being. My peace always comes first. 

International Women’s Day is particularly important to me because, as a woman, I would take every chance to celebrate myself and every other woman. I am excited to be in this generation. 

This generation of women is different. We are making giant strides in every facet of our lives, and it is worth celebrating!

For International Women’s Day, women of Kora are sharing their stories on working in tech as a woman and what it means to #EmbraceEquity, read the rest of series here. 

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