Why choose Kora?

Simple and engaging payment experiences for your project are possible with Kora’s

Receive payments from anywhere in the world

Grow your business beyond your borders, accept payments in any currency from anywhere on the planet.

A variety of payment methods

With Kora, your customers get access to a wide range of flexible and fast ways to pay.

Bank Account

Outstanding transaction success rates

Our robust payment API guarantees the highest transaction success rates in the market by routing payments through the most ideal channels.

All-encompassing dashboard

Configure your account, create new tools to receive payments and conveniently fund your balance with your dashboard.

A dedicated team

The team at Kora functions like a well-oiled machine for one goal: facilitating frictionless payments for you.

Round-the-clock support

From when you sign up to when you get settled, Kora provides you with all the support you need.

Payments are safe with us

Our built-in anti-fraud network with trusted system controls, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, event logging, and real-time transaction monitoring keeps your business protected from lost revenue.

Our KYC and AML/CFT measures ensure that your business is not used for money laundering and terrorism financing.

Compliance with industry standards & regulations

Kora is PCI DSS compliant, ISO 27001 & ISO 22301 certified. We take security compliance seriously by running an effective security program that complies with Industry standards. See more

Trusted by thousands of local and global premium brands

Use cases

Kora for Startups

MyXalary, an HR payroll software solution, uses Kora’s bulk Payout to power salary payments for companies across Nigeria.

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Kora For Payment Aggregators

Credpal uses our product to help merchants collect payments in installments from their customers.

payment aggregator

Kora for Fintechs

Oystr Finance uses Kora to provide underserved businesses and individuals with access to high-quality financial services.

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Kora for Mobility & Logistics

GIGL, Africa’s leading logistics provider, uses Kora’s Pay-in product to let their customers fund their GIG wallets.

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