Easy online payments with Checkout

Responsive experience on any device

A consistent experience for every customer regardless of their device.

Built for easy integration

We built Checkout with developers in mind. The low-code payment pages make it easy for developers to integrate into websites or apps seamlessly.

Checkout Standard

Simple and safe process
for consumer payments

Integrate Checkout Standard into your product and enjoy a fully customizable experience for your customers to make payments. Get your API keys from your dashboard, add the Pay-in/collection script and receive instant confirmation via Webhook.

checkout standard
checkout redirect
Checkout Redirect

Accept payments without embedding a payment gateway

Gain access to the Kora payment gateway with a Checkout URL where your customers can send secure payments.


Building the best business solutions
for the best customers

How Kora is helping 10,000+
businesses go global with simplified
pay-ins and easy checkout.

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My Xalary - Processing bulk payouts in a new secure and efficient way.

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“Processing bulk payouts is very key to our business model, being a platform that carries out a lot of transactions over short periods.

We are amazed by how simple Kora has made this process for us”

Fincra - Processing speedy payments for international customers.

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“Since our inception, Kora has stood by us as our most reliable source to process payments across borders.

We are confident that Kora will be with us all the way.”

Bet9ja - Ensuring conumer safety and protection against hackers.

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“We can not begin to quantify the level of support we get from Kora in establishing security protocols that help us test our products regularly.

We are now able to stay one step ahead of hackers and scammers.”

GIG Logistics - Speedy collections for Nigerias prominent logistics service.

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“Delivery speed is our edge over our competitors, hence the reason why we value a fast collection process. 

We were able to greatly improve our turn-around-time with one simple integration”