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Revolutionising leather fashion in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond. A journey with Detail Africa

November 17, 2023
November 17, 2023
Moyo Oluwatuyi
Moyo Oluwatuyi
Brand Storyteller

Editor's note:

From its roots in leather goods, Detail Africa has evolved into a comprehensive fashion brand. Seromume enthuses, "Our vision has broadened. We have evolved into a fashion brand/company, not just a leather goods brand." Plans include launching an apparel line and footwear collection next year, showcasing the company's commitment to diversification and growth.

Reflecting on the origins of Detail Africa, Seromume Ikogho shares a story he has shared many times before. 

"I got a [leather bag] from abroad, and everyone loved it so much, so I went and did some research." 

This simple observation led to the realisation that genuine leather bags were a rarity in Nigeria, either too expensive or unavailable.

The initial objectives were clear: "Make it easier for the working class Nigerian population to get relatively affordable leather bags and briefcases." The mission was straightforward - provide accessibility without compromising on quality, bringing sophistication to the everyday lives of Nigerians.

Source: Kora

Going beyond fashion, Detail Africa is about societal impact, "We’ve been able to train and empower over 20 youth and women from underserved communities in Lagos." This ripple effect extends to over 15 families, underscoring the company's dedication to social responsibility.

Strategically using Kora to accept payments in Ghana, Detail Africa embraces a pan-African perspective. The move aligns with the company's expansion plans, demonstrating a commitment to reaching new markets across the continent. 

According to Seromume, "Kora has helped us expand to another market, being Ghana, and we expect this to lead to a 10% - 15% marginal growth in our revenue." This success exemplifies Detail Africa's ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse African markets. 

Source: Kora and Detail Africa

As Detail Africa continues to redefine the fashion landscape, Seromume remains at the helm, steering the company towards new horizons. The journey of Detail Africa is not just a story of fashion but a testament to the power of innovation and the positive impact a business can have on its community, both within Nigeria and across the diverse tapestry of Africa.


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