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Into the Koraverse

Into the Koraverse: Bruno aka The Fixer - The man with many talents

May 4, 2023
May 4, 2023
2 mins read
Astor George
Astor George
Brand Storyteller

Editor's note:

We started this series to bring you into the interesting reality we inhabit and have affectionately come to call The Koraverse. Once every month, we’ll take you on a journey so you can learn about all things Kora, i.e. the people and things you didn’t even know were sentient inside The Koraverse.

Get to know Bruno…

Bruno is a fitness junkie and football number 9! He is a Product Operations and Partnerships specialist at Kora. This week, Bruno tells us about his life and time at Kora.

Hey Bruno! When did you join Kora? 

I joined Kora in September 2021. I saw the vision the team had, and I wanted to be a part of the mission of building products of value for African businesses. 

Nice! Tell me something people don’t know about you. 

So, I’ll share a couple of things. People think I love partying, but it’s weird. I don’t like going out like that. I love staying indoors. Oh, I’m a workout junkie! I’m also really good at football. Growing up, I used to be called number 9 (if you know, you know). I love making new friends- this comes naturally to me and I’m the fixer. I love fixing things, faulty washing machines, fans, bathtubs, and electronics.  Making new friends - conversing with people… fixing things: electronics like washing machine, fan, etc 

You’re quite THE guy! Mr all-rounder. Love it. Husband material 1,000 yardsssssss. Tell me about your time at Kora. What’s the best thing about working in Kora?

Usually, I  say the people (this is because everyone is super amazing), but seeing how all our products help businesses with collection and disbursements brings joy to me. This makes me strive to do more to make payments seamless for our merchants.

Let’s talk about your job title. Did you always want to be a product operations and partnerships specialist? 

My favourite thing about my job is meeting new people from different backgrounds and nationalities. So, I would say “yes” because I genuinely enjoy discussing with business owners that will find out products and services useful to scale their businesses. 

Where would you be now if you had zero obligations and money didn’t matter?

An apartment on the top of a mountain. Facing the sea on a remote island, sipping mojito with the love of my life. 

Ugh! Me and you both! What does the future at Kora look like for you? 

The future looks as bright as the sun! There are so many amazing projects we’re working on and I cannot wait for us to launch them. 

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