The future
of fintech in Africa 2023

What will it take to achieve an Africa with no payment borders?

What role is Blockchain playing in shaping Africa’s digital currency-based future?

How is cloud opening up new doors for the African fintech industry?

Experts from Lagos to Lusaka explore these ideas in the new Kora / Finextra future of fintech in Africa report.

Take a deep dive into the current trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping Africa's fintech industry.

Learn about how Artificial Intelligence has developed rapidly in Africa and how South Africa and Nigeria are leading the charge.

Key highlights of the report:

  • Insights into the current fintech ecosystem in Africa.
  • Analysis of emerging technologies and their impact on financial services.
  • Case studies showcasing successful fintech initiatives.
  • Exploration of regulatory frameworks and policy implications.
  • Future trends and predictions for the African fintech landscape.

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